Rapper Flex D’Paper is not for sale

By Samuel Sanya

Flex D’Paper who goes by the moniker ‘Kampala boy’ of the famous Rapaholix has a new mixtape

Mixtape 350x210

Rap music has evolved and several Ugandan rappers have tried to evolve with it. Our very own Flex D’Paper who goes by the moniker ‘Kampala boy’ of the famous Rapaholix music label is back with a bang! A new mixtape called Not For Sale is already on sale.

We caught up with him and asked him where he has been all this while and why the new mixtape name. 

I have been around the globe trying to piece up something good for the rap ears. The title Not For Sale, is inspired by three different reasons.

I have never released a full solo project myself, unlike some rappers in Uganda so this is my first project after being in the game since December 2011 when I was at campus.

Secondly, with increased human trafficking, which is becoming a problem in Uganda I thought I would dedicate this mix tape to the people who have experienced this first hand or have relatives going through this.

We see this daily in the press and social media, but few people openly talk about it.

Lastly, the title is inspired by the common landgrabbing issue that has affected many Ugandans. From houses to land, I noticed there is a Not for Sale sign on them. So this is another dedication I am making to people who have suffered from land wrangles directly or indirectly.

There you have it folks, Flex D’Paper is back and look out for his new single called YenzeAliko, it is fire!