2017 Uganda Film Festival launched

By Betty Amamukirori

Meddie Kagwa, the head multimedia content at UCC has called upon all film industry players to submit in their productions for the awards.

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Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has launched this years’ Uganda Film Festival (UFF) which will be a week-long event that will be crowned with an awards gala to recognize the best talent in the film industry.

The awards will be in the categories of; the best feature film, best cinematography, best short film award, best animated film, best student film, best screen play and film of the year.

Meddie Kagwa, the head multimedia content at UCC has called upon all film industry players to submit in their productions for the awards.


He noted that the festivities will run from August 28 to September 1 and will involve activities such as market exhibitions of some of the film industry productions, training and outreaches across the country to promote the production of local movies.

“Before the launch of UFF in 2013, the Ugandan film industry was retarded and had no sense of direction but since the launch, there has been tremendous change in the industry. Participation and attendance has been tremendously growing,” he said.

He stated that in 2013 they had 189 submissions, 2014- 179, 2015- 132 and 113 in 2016. However, the level of attendance and participation in 2016 was 6,200 from 2,500 in 2013.

The Uganda film festival was first launched in August 2013 in Kampala; it showcased what is happening in the local film industry and generated interests in the industry both locally and internationally.

The festival also created a strong and formidable platform that has propelled the film and video works projects in the industry. This year’s festival will be held under the theme ‘promoting culture through film’.

“We should promote the Ugandan culture through films because films are a powerful tool in promoting self-reliance and development,” Godfrey Mutabazi the Executive Director UCC, said.

He stated that films have stirred national development especially in countries that have embraced the industry by influencing cultures, steady economy progress and have also influenced social beings.

We can promote the Ugandan culture through films. Besides, films can help create employment because there are very many multi-talented people out there who do not have the opportunity to show case there talent,” he added.

Gen. Elly Tumwiine who was also among those who attended the breakfast meeting at UCC in Bugolobi, noted that film industry is the highest way of marketing a country.

“The industry promotes economic wealth and this wealth can be achieved by improving our film business. We shouldn’t fear making mistakes because unlike anything else, creativity is not exhaustible,” he said.

Other notable people at the breakfast meeting were Fagil Mandy an educationist who is currently into acting, members of the Zubair family and Sarah Kisawuzi a locally renown actress.