Mangoes aplenty as jackfruit gets more expensive

By Vision Reporter

For light buyers, the big mangoes range from sh3, 000 to sh5, 000

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The price for mangoes has recently reduced in city markets and places around.

The fruit that previously was unaffordable has had a twist in the price.

“Mangoes are differentiated by types: Takataka, bire, doodo, kagogwa from Uganda. Kenya provides Apple mango and Kenti mangoes which are recently off the market,” says Oliva Nabisalu, a trader at Nakasero market.

About two months back, a box of takataka was at sh25, 000, bire at sh20, 000, doodo at sh30, 000 and kagogwa at sh35, 000.

But now the prices have dropped, putting the latter at sh15, 000, bire at sh13, 000, doodo at sh25, 000 and kagogwa at sh27, 000.

And for the light buyers, the big ones range from sh3, 000 to sh5, 000, medium-sized mangoes range from sh3, 000 to sh2, 000 and the small one range from sh2, 000 to sh1, 000.


The price of jackfruit has remained high for the last three months.

Matugga market trader Mustafa Kibirige says: “Jackfruit is out of season that is why it is expensive”.

The big size ranges from sh10, 000 to sh8, 000 which previously was at sh7, 000.

The medium-sized one ranges from sh7, 000 to sh5, 000 which rose from sh6, 000 and the small-size goes for sh4, 000.

The sweet delight is also sold in pieces, where the lowest price charged is sh500 and sh1, 000 depending on the size.