FIFA president Infantino jets in today

By Swalley Kenyi

Gianni Infantino will, among other meetings, meet President Yoweri Museveni and education and sports minister First Lady Janet Museveni.

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PIC: FIFA President Gianni Infantino flashes a thumbs-up sign as he attends a press conference during the FIFA Executive Football Summit in Doha, Qatar last week. (AFP)

FIFA president Gianni Infantino plans to conduct over ten meetings within 12 hours during his visit to Uganda today and Saturday.

He is expected to arrive from Zimbabwe at Entebbe International Airport in a private jet at 6pm local time today.

The world football governing body chief is scheduled to meet President Yoweri Museveni and the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Janet Museveni in separate gatherings at State House in Entebbe an hour later.

Infantino, embattled Sepp Blatter’s successor, will then conclude Friday meetings with the FUFA executive committee that is expected to last an hour at Serena Hotel in Kampala.

On Saturday, activities will start with a breakfast meeting at the same venue at 7am local time where Infantino will interact with sponsors, opinion leaders, more government officials and invited guests. The meetings where they will discuss football development are expected to last a maximum of two hours each.

Schedule of the programme looks too tight to be observed but FUFA's Hussein Ahmed said it was drawn in consultation with Infantino's contingent.

"He has planned to hold the meetings. His contingent advised FUFA to draw the programme the way we have done. And nothing is going to change. The good thing is they are known good timekeepers," said Hussein.

Although Infantino's visit is supposed to involve inspection of FIFA projects in Uganda, he will not reach FUFA Technical Centre in Njeru due to the tight schedule.

But he will perform a groundbreaking ceremony at Kadiba grounds where FIFA is helping Uganda establish a football centre for the youth in Uganda before featuring on a 30-minute show on FUFA Radio.

He will conclude by addressing the media at Ivys Hotel at around midday.

From the FIFA Executive Summit in Doha, Qatar last week, Infantino has been to South Africa. The FIFA president will cross over from Kigali, Rwanda later today.

He will be the first FIFA president to visit Uganda.‚Äč