2016 flash back: Elections, Nyanzi’s nudity, Muhanga’s goats, Museveni’s roadside call

By Norah Mukimba

In one of the rare occasions, President Museveni’s motorcade came to a halt on the Mbarara Isingiro highway, chair was placed metres away from the nearest vehicle or human being and he made the call.

Musevenicall 350x210

Dr. Stella Nyanzi. Photo/File

As the year wears out, it has been long for some people and short for others. There were moments that rocked the nation more than any other year.

As early as June 2015, the temperatures started rising and politicians started sharpening their voices for the political showdown.

Banks saw many withdraws, petrol stations sold more fuel, shops sold more sugar, salt, soap and the stationery world got more orders for posters as well as banners and handbills.

 And the climax was the February 18, presidential and parliamentary elections. Everybody got out of the elections like a wounded and worn out lion; both the winners and losers.

Besiye’s arrest
Shocking news hit the four-time presidential contender on February 19, when results showed he was trailing.

Well he had joined the race with the assurance, may be self-assurance that he was winning. However, having traversed the country for votes, he knew the last lap would be 40km away at State House Entebbe as president.

However, this distance was shortened by the legal and government functionaries to less than 5km and headed him to Luzira Prisons on charges of treason.

He allegedly made a short cut and swore himself into presidency. Although out on bail, his case is yet to be decided.

Stella Nyanzi
She is perhaps the only person who seemingly benefitted from her nude protest or perhaps luck followed it. For a few weeks later, she landed a job in South Africa, paying her five times more than what Makerere University was paying her.

r tella yanzi Dr. Stella Nyanzi

MPs allowances, cars
Many politicians came out of the elections aching, whether as victors or losers. While the losers gnashed their teeth, whining at their loss, the winners got the opportunity to reward themselves (okwenazako enaku) and asked for non-taxable allowances in addition to sh200m for their cars.

Muhanga and her goat
How Margaret Muhanga got sh11b through Goat Farming. Well, it may not have been easy to get sh11b, just out of goats, but Muhanga beat the odds. Only that the money was used to fraudulently acquire land belonging to UBC.


 MP Margaret Muhanga

Kato Lubwama’s victory
During the campaigns, Kato Lubwama did not hide his intentions to go to Parliament. He told his supporters in Rubaga South that here was an opportunity for him to eat and he needed their endorsement.

ato ubwama Kato Lubwama

Indeed they did endorse him. However, no sooner had he picked his second serving at the high table than a voter in the names of Buwembo appears, claiming Lubwama lacked the requisite academic qualifications to go to the August House. It now remains in the hands of court to either allow him eat or throw him out.

Christopher Aine
Aine’s military prowess wowed many Ugandans when he held three senior police officers in Jinja.

Back then, he was the head of security for presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi. However, his involvement in the beating of NRM supporters in Ntungamo turned is fortunes upside down.

 hristopher ine Christopher Aine

In just days, he had disappeared from the face of the earth, as many people believed he was dead, a bounty of sh20 was put on his head, pictures of a body, which some people claimed was him were posted on social media, only for him to appear at Gen. Salim Saleh’s compound.

To prove this was not his ghost, he recently walked his girlfriend down the aisle.
Museveni’s road side call
In one of the rare occasions, the President’s motorcade came to a halt on the Mbarara Isingiro highway, out came mean looking soldiers who blocked all road users.

A chair was placed metres away from the nearest vehicle or human being.
And he made the call. Whoever he was calling, nobody seemed to know, but it was all over social media and went viral for over a week.

Closure of Makerere University
In early 2000s, President Yoweri Museveni ceased being the chancellor of Makerere University and was installed as a visitor.

With the new title, he did not need to preside over graduation ceremonies. In his farewell speech as chancellor, he said he would only visit when need arises.
Indeed, his visit recently was felt across the country. He closed the university over rampant strikes over salaries and the university is yet to be opened. The students have to enter the New Year with uncertainty still hanging around them.

Kasese deaths
Royal guards of Rwenzururu King Charles Mumbere vowed to protect him until the last man fell.

True to their word, by the time he was arrested, scores lay in his palace dead. Perhaps they had underestimated the military might of the UPDF and the Police.