In the New Vision: The 10-year-old author

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Do these titles, Konkome The Maid, Monkeys For Sale, The Singing Pumpkin, Where Is Angella? and Children In Captivity ring a bell? Well, tomorrow in the New Vision, we feature the extra-ordinary life of Kamuhogo, the author behind these thrilling children books

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More often than not, Ugandans are reminded of their poor reading culture. Poor readers, most definitely make poor writers. But 10-year-old  Sheena Kamuhogo is definitely an exception to this traditional stereotype.

Taking the simple leaps in the journey earlier undertaken by Uganda’s most revered names in the literary world such as Okot P’Bitek, Mahmood Mamdani and others.  At only 10 years, Sheena Kamuhogo has five published book titles to her name.  In Mwalimu this week, we bring you Kamuhogo’s journey so far and the major milestones she has achieved for her young age.

Full story in the New Vision (Mwalimu) tomorrow