Orland brothers get American trainers

By Johnson Were

The 42 riders to compete in the 10 different motocross categories have been named

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Veteran motocross rider Barak Orland has flown in two American trainers to tune his children ahead of the FIM Africa Nations Motocross Championship in Nairobi on Saturday and Sunday.


Daniel Sedlak and Kai Sedlak from the Sedlak Racing Academy in Califonia will train Aviv Orland and Stav Orland while a German trainer is in charge of Alon Orland.

“FIM Africa is a tough event with elite competitors, so every rider requires maximum attention, that is why I will focus on Aviv and Kai on Stav while the German trainer on Alon," Daniel Sedlak explained during training at Busiika.

The 13-year-old Aviv is in the 85CC class with Fortune Ssentamu, Ben Nsumba, Wazir Omar and Joshua Mwangala.

Stav Orland is in the 65CC class with Habib Kiggundu, Imran Nkuruzinza, Malcom Lubega and Milton Akaki while Alon Orland is in the 50cc team with Isabella Blick, Gift Ssebuguzi, Malcom Omoding and Marcus Bukenya.

The 42 riders to compete in the 10 different motocross categories ranging from the 50cc juniors (PeeWee), 50cc, 65, 85, MX125, MX2, MX1, Veterans, Masters and Ladies categories respectively have been named.

"We have named the best five riders in each category and I'm optimistic we have the winning team," team captain Maxime Van Pee stated.

Team Uganda: William Blick Jr., Miguel Ssemakula, Abigail Mwangala (PeeWee), Alon Orland Isabella Blick, Gift Ssebuguzi, Malcom Omoding, Marcus Bukenya (50cc Class), Stav Orland, Habibu Kiggundu, Imran Nkurunziza, Malcom Lubega, and Milton Akaki (65cc), Aviv Orland, Fortune Ssentamu, Ben Nsumba, Wazir Omar, Joshua Mwangala (85cc), Ali Yasser Omar, Paddy Blick, Yasin Kasirye, Stephane Okenge (MX 125), Fatuh Kiggundu, Alestair Blick, Luke Phillips,Rinaldo Milleti (MX2), Talha Kiggundu, Maxime Van Pee, Chris Prinsloo, Michael Ntairo, Jojo Wilson (MX1), Barack Orland, Arthur Blick, Asaf Natan, Christian Milleti, Ashraf Mbabazi (Veterans), Peter Pulser, Akaki Senior (Masters), Esther Mwangala, Aminah Mayanja, Sharifah Kateete and Gloria Lugya (Ladies class).