Watch out for fake investors, Karimojong warned

By Juliet Kasirye

"Be careful of people who pretend to be investors yet they sell pancakes."

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MOROTO - The Resident District Commissioner of Moroto district has cautioned the Karamojong to watch out for fake investors in the region.

"Since Karamoja is peaceful now, be careful of people who pretend to be investors yet they sell pancakes," said Peterken Locap.

He advised the area people to take advantage of the prevailing peace in the region to go for genuine investors.

The RDC also asked local leaders to ensure that they form mining associations and register them in order to benefit from the mining sector.


Locap was speaking at a dialogue meeting organized by Ecological Christian Organization (ECO) in Moroto.  The energy and mineral development minister Peter Lokeris also attended the meeting.

Residents were also warned to avoid engaging with unregistered associations as it is illegal.

The executive director of ECO, Isaac Kabongo said the meeting was organized to bring together a number of stakeholders to discuss emerging issues related to transparency and accountability in the mining sector in Karamoja region.

Since its mostly women and children working in the mining sector, the organization creates awareness, empowers women and also equips miners with knowledge and skills on how to extract minerals from underground.