Amuria women accuse their men of denying them sex

By Godfrey Ojore

Men in turn have said they return home tired from work

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Women in Amuria district have publicly accused their men before Police of failure to perform their marital duties leaving them sexually starved.

The women claim that their men cheat on them with school girls and old women popularly known as sugar mummies.

The women said men have left them at home for fear of taking responsibilities of feeding and educating children.

"As I speak my husband has left me with a set of twins and four other children. I’m told he has six other women" Florence Akano said.

The women raised their complaints to the head of family protection unit of Police in Amuria district, Michael Erimu on Thursday during the door to door community policing exercise headed by DPC Richard Erimu.  

The excise was aimed at sensitizing families about the dangers of domestic violence that Police says are high due to infidelity.

"Many women have approached my office complaining that their men are sexually starving them and that men are abdicating their responsibilities of taking care of their families to women," Erimu said.

He explained that women married to bodaboda riders were especially among the category of women complaining followed by those married to civil servants.

"Many men now resort to school girls instead of us their women and that thing has tempted some of us also to get men because nature demands of us also," a one Betty said.

She declined to reveal her surname on grounds that she will face it rough at home with her husband.

olices ichael rimu addressing the women hoto by odfrey jore Police’s Michael Erimu addressing the women. Photo by Godfrey Ojore


muria district leaders launching the local action plan on gender based violence and other conflicts hoto by odfrey jore Amuria district leaders launching the local action plan on gender based violence and other conflicts. Photo by Godfrey Ojore


"Civil servants are also reported to my office for failing to perform their marital duties and I have kept on sitting those families down but still the problem continues to exist” Erimu said.

However when meeting the bodaboda riders at various stages in Amuria, they claimed that work was reducing their ability because they return home tired.

"Sometimes our women do not understand the nature of our work because when you return home you are tried and only want to rest but a woman who has been sitting at home the whole day is demanding for sex," lamented William Ebiru a rider.

Besides that men who drink a lot are accused of forcing their women into sex yet they leave their homes without providing money for upkeep.

"Sometimes we refuse to have sex with our men simply because children have disturbed us due to lack of food and yet the man is drinking with school girls and old women from bars," said Jancita Apio.

Cases of gender based violence in Amuria were reported to be high and it's against that background that the district has launched a local action plan aimed at reducing it.

"We intend to promote the education of girls those in schools, out of schools as well as adult women by engaging institutions to ensure that we prevent the vice by at least 60% by June 2020," said Ambrose Onoria the deputy RDC Amuria as one of the goal the district has set.

The launch of the local action plan was held last week marking Amuria the seventh district in Uganda to come up with a local plan on reduction of gender based violence in communities.