Taxi operators abandon Masaka taxi park

By Dismus Buregyeya

'There is human wastes all over the place. We cannot not stand it anymore'

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Taxi operators in Masaka have abandoned the main municipal park on grounds that the facility is a health hazard.

“The main taxi park is filthy. There is human wastes  all over the place. We cannot not stand it anymore,” the Masaka taxi operators and drivers association spokesman, Vincent Ssentongo said.

“We shall not give the division any more money until they construct toilets in the main park, provide security lights and rehabilitate the access roads.”

However, the Masaka Central Division chairman, Denis Majwala dismissed the assertions by the tazi operators that the facility is filthy.

“Our taxi association has not paid taxes for a period of four months. We are not going to allow them to continue operating in the taxi business,” he said.

Majwala said the taxi operators owed the division over shs50m in taxes.He said the Masaka main taxi park is the biggest source of local revenue for the division.

He said the division is finding it difficult to operate with only funds from the taxi park.  “We need money to keep our town clean and to run other businesses using the local revenue,” he said.

Majwala regretted that the decision for the taxi park operators to shift to Masaka- Kampala road at Lastonate was wrong since the place is not gazetted.