Students make liquid soap that ‘kills bed bugs’

By Jovita Mirembe

The liquid soap is said to have a number of ingredients that include one which kills bed bugs in only 30 minutes.

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Bed bugs are some of the dangerous insects to human beings which make them uncomfortable once they enter the house and find their way into mattresses and sofa sets.

These parasitic six-legged creatures are believed to have developed a harder skin these days as a form of shield against even the most potent of insecticides which previously would exterminate them.

As such, a group of students of Educate Club from Bukooli College in Bugiri district have invented a liquid soap that they say kills bed bugs.

Ronald Bichecwa (pictured below), the president of Educate Club, says that their soap – Supreme Liquid Soap – is suitable in schools since they are one of the places where bed bugs are common.


He says no bed bug can survive on a cloth washed with this soap.

Bichecwa says their liquid soap has a number of ingredients that include one which kills bed bugs in only 30 minutes.

The super acelamectin  chemical, which is an agricultural chemical used to  kill pests in gardens when sprayed, has been included in the ingredients of supreme liquid soap that will just make you safe from being attacked  by bed bugs.

“The Supreme liquid soap has ingredients  like sulphonic acid that kills germs, caustic soda that neutralizes poison to human beings but remains harmful to germs, Ungalo provides lather formation, urea absorbs heat during the manufacturing process so that it’s not harmful to humans, perfume to have a good aroma and colour to attract customers to purchase it,” says Bichecwa.