Staff salaries take 68% of Kabarole's 2016/17 budget

By Rogers Sunday

36.8% has been allocated to salaries of teachers

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Staff salaries for the Kabarole district local government employees have been allocated a lion’s share in the 2016/17 financial year budget estimates. 

While moving a motion to approve the district budget estimates of sh32.8bn during a council session at the district headquarters at Kitumba, Stella Kyorampe the district secretary indicated that sh20.7bn representing 63% of the total budget will go towards payment of staff salaries. 

Another big share of sh12.1bn representing 36.8% of the total budget has been allocated to salaries of the government teachers of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions followed by health workers salaries at sh4.4bn representing 13.4% of the total budget. 

Only sh2.2bn of the total budget has been earmarked to fund the district’s development projects that include education, water development, roads, health services and youth live hoods. 

In the motion Kyorampe stated that sh1.038bn representing 3.1% of the district budget will be raised from local revenue collection, sh5.8bn representing 17.6% will be got from Central government discretionary transfers. 

The biggest percentage of the district budget of sh 25bn representing 83.3% will funded through conditional grants transfers from the Central government. 

Kyorampe also stated that the next year’s budget has a number of constraining commitments that majorly include payment of sh40m balance on architectural designs of Buhinga Stadium to Plantek company, completion of sub county headquarters of Kabonero, Karangura and Kiyombya newly created sub counties. 

“The constraining issues have greatly impacted on the departmental allocations of local revenue and unconditional grant and as such a lot of budget discipline and perseverance shall be expected of implementers and legislators in the next financial year” Kyorampe said.