Are Ugandan girls exposing too much skin?

By Admin

In 2014, the minister of Ethics Fr. Simon Lokodo, under the anti-pornography act, spearheaded the infamous mini- skirt ban

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When you walk out of your house today, chances are high that the first girl you will meet on the road has a boob that is about to explode in your face from a visible bra under a see-through sheer top or a visible under garment.

This salacious exhibitionist dressing has always been the preserve of erotic music videos or spotted on television with celebrated Hollywood female icons like Rihanna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. But now you do not have to watch television to catch this.

Social events like Blankets and Wine and concerts are graced by fearless fashion forward women dressed in short shorts that reveal butt cheeks and sheer dresses that expose braless boobs.

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