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In a special promotion,

  • We have a list of the first 45 winners of the New Vision fees promotion. Check to see if your name is there. This was just the first of three draws. There is more money to win. Read the New Vision for more information.
  • The New Vision continues to give out millions of tree seedlings to all readers. Cut out a coupon, win seedlings and plant the trees to keep our country green, protect the environment and earn a good income throughout your life.
  • We also tell you which trees are good for your environment, how to look after them, and the economic and environmental benefits of specific trees every day.


In top news,

  • Mbabazi wants Salim Saleh to explain what happened to Christopher Aine. But do you know that the charges against Aine still stand, and that the sh20m bounty on his head is still unclaimed? Read the Saturday Vision for an update on the saga.
  • Meet MP Kato Lubwama’s wife. Is she also a comedian; where did they meet; who is Kato Lubwama at home? Kato Lubwama’s splits open their love life. Do not miss it in Saturday Vision.
  • Impotent men demand disability benefits. Now the National Council for Disability is confused about what to do with the impotent men who are persistently demanding recognition and to be allowed to contest for Parliament on the disabled ticket. Find out what the council told Parliament and what the MPs said about this unprecedented demand.
  • The Cabinet has approved a new policy on school lunch to force parents to provide. Do not miss to know what the government intends to do to enforce this policy.
  • We bring you an in-depth profile of Besweri Mulondo and who he was in the NRM struggle.
  • Striking Makerere University students to lose government sponsorship. We have details of who has proposed this and how they intend to carry it out.
  • Rwenzori clashes: Museveni is still in the troubled area. Find out what he is doing there as leaders speak out on solutions to the crisis. Do not miss to know what the leaders have suggested to end the violence. We also give you the chronology of events up to the clashes.
  • The curse of chairing parliamentary committees. Find a surprising analysis of why most chairpersons of parliamentary committees lost elections.
  • Do you know what the world thinks about the Pope? Find results of a global survey in the New Vision.

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