Polls: Kampala quiet

By Carol Natukunda

The public parking lots were virtually empty.

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Most shops remained closed downtown Kampala, as city dwellers took part in the voting exercise.

The normally bustling central business district was deserted with only a few people walking by. The streets of Kampala, Lumumba Avenue and Nile Avenue had abnormally low traffic.

 The public parking lots were virtually empty.

 An empty Kampala Street. Photo by Peter Busomoke

 hecking for particulars hoto by ilfred anya Checking for particulars. Photo by Wilfred Sanya


However, some people could be seen voting at polling centers such as All Saints Church, Nakasero Market Street and Crested Towers on Nile Avenue among others. Although a few shops were open around the taxi park areas, dealers complained of low sales.

Also noticeable on the streets were military men and police officers patrolling the city.