Battered journalist admitted for spinal surgery

By Carol Kasujja

A medical officer with the Special Forces Command checked him in with Dr Mallon Nyati, an orthopaedic surgeon and specialist in spinal cord surgery

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Battered photojournalist Andrew Lwanga has been admitted at Kampala Hospital ahead of a spinal cord surgery.

Lwanga was assaulted by Old Kampala District Police Commander, Joram Mwesigye, on January 12, 2015 in Kampala, while covering a demonstration by a group of unemployed youth, damaging his nervous system.

He has since been bedridden. He neither sits nor stands for long hours.

   hotojournalist ndrew wanga seated on a heelchair during his admission at ampala ospital ololo on 09022016 hoto by ajarah alwadda Photojournalist Andrew Lwanga, seated on a wheelchair at Kampala Hospital, Kololo on 09/02/2016 Photo by Hajarah Nalwadda


When his situation worsened, President Museveni intervened. 

After the assessment by Dr Richard Katungye, a medical officer with the Special Forces Command, he decided to take him to Kampala Hospital and checked him in with Dr Mallon Nyati, an orthopaedic surgeon and specialist in spinal cord surgery.

“My assessment was that after one year of no proper operation, his situation deteriorated. I took Lwanga to Dr. Nyati who said an operation on his back is possible, so we booked him,” Dr. Katungye said.

According to Dr. Katungye, Kampala Hospital provided a full list of all the requirements for the operation and Lwanga’s needs at Kampala Hospital totaling to Sh10.4m.

After briefing the President, he directed State House to release sh20m to cover all expenses during and after the operation.

Speaking to New Vision, Lwanga, who could afford a smile, said he was quite anxious of the operation.

“I thank the President and everyone who has contributed to my treatment but I am scared of the operation.

"I was reading everything online, it was yesterday in the evening that I received a call from Dr Nyati that I should check in today. I am too scared,” said Lwanga while laying on his Hospital bed.

Journalists have been asked to give doctors time to treat Lwanga.