S6 leavers complete patriotism course

By Vision Reporter

Over 700 S6 leavers from across the country have been urday passed out after completing a one-month patriotism training course.

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By Paul Watala

Over 700 S6 leavers from across the country were on Saturday passed out after completing a one-month patriotism training course at Uganda Technical College Elgon in Mbale district.

The participants were passed out by the state minister in the office of the Vice-President’s office, Vincent Nyanzi who represented the security minister, Muruli Mukasa. At least   97 districts were represented out of the existing 112 districts in the country.

"We were over whelmed by the number and because of limited space some were sent to Jinja at Magamaga army barracks. We registered 646 participants of which 239 female and 407 male," Itipa Lulu Assistant commissioner National Patriotism corps-Uganda said.

The participants got training in ideological development and leadership skills, science of thinking and decision making, the 1995 constitution and history of the ancestors of Uganda. They also traced Uganda's social economic evolution.

In addition they took lessons in military science - command, control and discipline, parade drills, field craft stripping and assembling of AK47 Assault rifle, marksmanship principals and range shooting.

Lulu appealed to the participants to go out and agitate for the common good of Uganda, east African community and Africa so as to be dominant in the world of tomorrow.
Mbale district LC5 chairperson, Bernard Mujasi appealed to the participants to have respect for their bodies and asked them to encourage and appreciate their culture, adding that they should develop love for their country.

"People who are not patriotic look for the weakness of their country instead of the strength. Uganda is small landlocked country but it has power to influence development, peace, unity and good leadership of other bigger countries so we need to proud on it," Mujasi said.

He appealed to the participants to distance themselves from the leaders who concentrate on weaknesses and termed as the leaders of darkness. "They have confused vision and should shun them with their bad politics. We should not allow distorted Uganda but you should influence positive change," Mujasi added.

 Nyanzi asked the participants to implement what they learnt during the course, adding that love Uganda by contributing to the development of their communities.
"Make sure that your community does not remain swimming in poverty and ignorance. You should not be like some journalists who are only interested in stories that tarnish the image of their country," Nyanzi said.

He appealed to the youth to shun groups that threaten Uganda's national security, unity and investors. Nyanzi also asked the participants to always keep away from leaders who front tribe and should fight corruption in the society.




S6 leavers complete patriotism course