Ellah: I had plans to marry BBA's Idris

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24-year-old Stellah Nantumbwe aka Ellah, was one of Uganda’s representatives in the just-concluded Big Brother Africa show. We caught up with her for an interview.

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24-year-old Stellah Nantumbwe aka Ellah, was one of Uganda’s representatives in the just-concluded Big Brother Africa show. CAROL NATUKUNDA and HALIMA NAMPIIMA caught up with her . . .

Who updates your Twitter handle?

I do, but sometimes there is administrator who helps me to keep it active. People like it when you are in touch with them.

How have you been since returning from Big Brother Africa?

Life has changed, but for the better. I am proud of what I have achieved so far.

I watched you on the Scoop 'n Scoop show on Urban TV…

That was my first time on TV as a presenter. I was not nervous. I was just myself. I guess the cameras in the Big Brother House helped a lot.

Who is your ideal man?

 Definitely Idris Sultan. He has a great masculine body. I think he has all the qualities any woman would want.

Tell us about Idris. Was the relationship real?

 I do not know about him, but for me, it was real. Right now, we are settling back into our lives. We will see if we still have the feelings for each other.

Has he called since Big Brother ended?

We are in touch. But I cannot tell you to what extent.

Idris is 21 and you are 23. Does the age difference matter to you?

For me, it is about maturity, not age.

Did you have any plans of marrying him?

Yes, but we decided to put our relationship on hold. This is because when money is in control, a lot can happen. We shall give ourselves some time.

Didn't you worry that your boyfriend back at home was watching, while you cried over Idris?

At that moment, I did not care at all. I just wanted to follow my heart, be myself and be happy.

What puts you off about a guy?

Being aggressive, manipulative and having self-pity.

You were very laid back at the start of the game…

You get very anxious when you enter the BBA House: You do not know what to expect. But soon, it gets easier as you interact with your housemates. The diary room sessions and the cameras remind you that you are not in isolation. Just knowing there are people outside who are around you is comforting.

Viewers across the continent thought 'Biggie' had a crush on you?

It was a good friendship. We always had a good conversation. I guess he was so kind to me because of my character. I did not forgot to tell him “thank you” after every session.

Did you meet Biggie after BBA?

I did not and I would not want to meet the person behind the voice. It is just nice that the voice makes you feel like someone is watching over you, like a real big brother.

Is Idris going to share the money with you?

I do not know. But I want to make my own money.

What if you found out that he had a stable girlfriend back at home?

Honestly, I would totally understand that and move on with my life.

What do you think of sex before marriage?

I think one should do what they feel is comfortable for them.

You and Esther did not really like each other and yet you are from the same country, why?

It is just that she preferred different kind of company.

What next after Big Brother?

There are some songs I recorded while in the house. The first one I am going to record is about Idris.

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