Witchdoctor arrested over human trafficking

By Vision Reporter

JOSEPH Kyeyune, 54, a resident of Ndeeba, is said to have been working with network at large, promising girls lucrative jobs but end up in prostitution

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By Jeff Andrew Lule and Simon Masaba


THE Human Trafficking Task Force (HTTF) at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has arrested a witchdoctor, in connection with trafficking young girls to Malaysia for prostitution.


Joseph Kyeyune, 54, a resident of Nsiike zone, in Ndeeba a Kampala suburb, is said to have been working with network at large, promising girls lucrative jobs but end up in prostitution.


The head of HTTF, Commissioner of Police, Moses Binoga said the suspect was arrested with the aid of some of the victims who had managed to return from Malaysia.


“The girls reported the case and directed us to the shrine of the suspect where we got him,” he added.


According the girls, a woman only identified as Florence, who took them to Malaysia. She first took them to Kyeyune’s shrine, who performed rituals on them before travelling.


“They promised them lucrative jobs and later force them into prostitution when they arrived in Malaysia. They confiscated all their travel documents to make sure they do not escape. It is a big network but we shall get them with time. Some are in Uganda while others are in different countries where these acts are committed,” Binoga noted.


He said the group waylay their victims from churches, bars and bank premises with big promises of profitable jobs in different countries.


Binoga also noted that they have got clues and more details of one Liz Kendra based in Malaysia working with Florence.


Binoga said most girls are taken to Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, China and United Arab Emirates.

Kyeyune who was paraded before the press at Special Investigations Unit (SIU) headquarters in Kireka last week, said he was paid to perform the rituals.

“They paid me between sh120,000 and sh250, 000 to do the rituals on each girl. I just did my work and I was not aware of what happened,” he said.  


Kyeyune is detained at SIU pending investigations.


Binoga warned the public against using private individuals to get jobs abroad.


“We urge our youth to use licensed labour recruitment agencies. In case of any problem, we can easily follow up the case since we know their addresses,” he added.


Binoga also asked people travelling abroad to always study the contracts thoroughly before signing them to understand the terms and conditions.

Witchdoctor arrested over trafficking girls for prostitution