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By Vision Reporter

<b>Fresh graduates choose their preferred organisations</b> <br> <br>TELECOMMUNICATION giant MTN has for the second year running ranked the most preferred employer by fresh graduates.

Fresh graduates choose their preferred organisations

By Conan Businge

TELECOMMUNICATION giant MTN has for the second year running ranked the most preferred employer by fresh graduates.
Like last year, graduates were again asked what companies they would most want to work for in their first career and why.

A total of 1,277 graduates participated in the survey, which was carried out by Exquisite Solution.

The telecommunications sector once again emerged fresh graduates’ most preferred employer.

MTN polled 40 per cent followed by the newly-established Warid Telecom at 21 per cent. Zain (Celtel) came third at 20 per cent.

The Uganda Revenue Authority which took 17% of the poll, came top outside the telecommunications companies, and fourth overall. Uganda telecom followed at 12%.

The New Vision was ranked sixth with 10%, two percentage points better than last year. It remained the most preferred employer of the media houses.

Banks did not, just like last year, feature among the top 10 companies. However, Barclays, at the 12th position, was the most preferred bank.

Last year, the graduates preferred Stanbic bank, which this year came thirteenth. Exquisite Solution, a human resource consultancy firm, was 16th. The survey, called the Second Annual Graduate Career Fair, was held at the Serena Hotel Kampala recently.

To explain the results, the organizers said: “Graduates yearn to work for companies that guarantee them opportunity to develop their careers, with payment coming as second priority.”

They regretted, however, that the graduates were not interested in self-employment. “Only 7% were keen on self-employment. The rest want job-hunting,” the survey said.

In Uganda, statistics show that the labour force is growing at 3.4% per annum, yielding 390,000 new job-seekers yet 8,120 jobs are available each year.

Best employers