Fox Odoi: Black Mamba on the loose!

By Vision Reporter

<b>TB, I only know of one Fox Odoi. Is he the one who is President Yoweri Museveni’s legal aide?</b> <br>Ah, you know of him then? Well Fox has finally been foxed in that he has been a rather naughty boy.

Fox Odoi

TB, I only know of one Fox Odoi. Is he the one who is President Yoweri Museveni’s legal aide?
Ah, you know of him then? Well Fox has finally been foxed in that he has been a rather naughty boy.

What did Fox do to get foxed? Did he lose a case which he should have easily won? And can we call him Foxy instead of Fox because Foxy has a nice ring to it?
No, he did not lose a court case. Last week and perhaps after watching too many Rambo movies, Foxy as you now want to call him sought to become a Black Mamba.

You have lost me TB. What do you mean when you say Black Mamba?
Well, you see after watching a Rambo movie, most boys head straight for their gardens and pretend that they are Rambo. They make toy guns, call in the neighbours kids and play out a scene from the movie. What perhaps confused Foxy is that apart from watching the Rambo movie, one day when he was at the High Court he saw the Black Mamba’s being deployed in their black T-shirts, army fatigues trousers, assault rifles and thought to himself that this is it. I want to be a Black Mamba!

What did he do? Did he go and call his other lawyer friends who work in State House like Hussein Kashillingi and they both played out being Black Mambas in the lawns of the High Court?
Far from that. If Foxy is going to do something he is going to do it the proper way. No toy guns and no toy friends like Kashillingi. He does it for real.

When you say he had to do it for real, what did he do?
His battlefield was in Tororo and it was played out for real. He said he heard there were some election malpractices going on in Tororo and as a concerned citizen it was his duty to make sure that such things do not happen. So he takes himself down to Tororo and ambushes the alleged perpetrators while brandishing an AK-47 assault rifle.

Was it a toy AK-47 bought from Toys ‘R’ Us?
No, it was a real AK-47, with live ammunition.

But TB, why did Foxy have an assault rifle. I am quite sure that, private citizens are not all owed to own assault rifles. Or are you telling me that all along Foxy has been masquerading as a State House lawyer whereas he has all along been a security official?
You have got a point there because even the Major General Kale Kayihura, the Inspector General of Police, confirmed that private individuals are not allowed to hold assault rifles.

But TB, this is not the first time that Foxy has watched a movie and it has gone to his head? Can you remind me of what he did after watching the movie Zulu Dawn?
The movie, Zulu Dawn, is a classic. It is all about the Boer War in South Africa and the battle between the Zulus and the white settlers. And of course in the movie, there are many scenes in which the Zulus threw spears.
So, did Foxy figure out he had become a Zulu warrior then?
Yes he did. One of the scenes went straight to his head and though he only lacked a Zulu outfit, he was determined to be one. With his spear in hand, one bright Saturday, he went on the rampage in Ntinda and terrorised a certain young chap.

What did he do to him?
When Foxy had cornered his quarry, who just happened to be his nephew, Foxy threw a spear at him and leaving him with head injuries.

Oh dear me TB. Now what do you think will happen if Foxy were to watch the movie Die Hard or The Transporter?
If he watched Die Hard, he would probably take people hostage in Communications House and as for The Transporter, I dread to think what he would do with ‘the package’ if you get my drift.

Fox Odoi: Black Mamba on the loose!