Who says MUBS is a university?

By Vision Reporter

SIR — I was taken by surprise when I read the Sunday Vision story “MUBS unveils emblem” published on September 10. <br>

SIR — I was taken by surprise when I read the Sunday Vision story “MUBS unveils emblem” published on September 10.

In the article the principal of Makerere University Business School (MUBS), Wasswa balunywa, is referred to as the ‘Vice Chancellor’ of MUBS! Since when did Balunywa become a vice chancellor and who appointed him? MUBS is even shopping around for a Chancellor! I thought the Chancellor came first!
When did MUBS become a university? When I last looked, MUBS was a school under Makerere University!

So, does this mean Makerere University has two Vice Chancellors — Prof Livingstone Luboobi at the main campus and Mr Wasswa Balunywa at Nakawa?
Uganda’s educational system is becoming a laughing stock under the very noses of those who claim to be very visionary.

The Makerere University-MUBS scandal has gone on for too long and the situation is becoming a national and international embarrassment!

How can things deteriorate so much as if there is nobody in control?
Is it because we are used to doing things with impunity?

Surely, there must be a limit to certain things. What is the role of the Ministry of Education and why is the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) watching as if everything is in order? Is there no known process about how a university comes into existence? I specifically request the Executive Director of NCHE, Dr Kasozi, to tell Ugandans and all other stakeholders what the status of MUBS is.

It is the NCHE which determines the status of a higher institution in Uganda.
Section 131 (4) of the Universities Act bars any university or tertiary institution not appearing in the University Gazette from advertising itself or admitting students or conducting programmes leading to the awards of certificates, diplomas or degrees without authority from the NCHE. MUBS has already done this!

Does MUBS appear in the University Gazette? No institution in Uganda can assume the status of a university without the input of the education minister, NCHE and the Parliament of Uganda.

Against that background, does Dr kasozi know MUBS as a university or is Balunywa a victim of delusions of grandeur?

Nobody can create a university merely by wishing and NCHE and the Ministry of Education have a duty to give the public their side of the story and end this farce once and for all.

The MPs should also say something when they are through with their demands for sh60m for their cars.

Nsekabuseka Muruhanga Masindi

Who says MUBS is a university?