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Pearl of Africa

Zebras 318x200

Did you know that Zebras sleep while standing?...

Unlike most animals that look for comfortable places and lie down, the Zebras sleep while standing.

Hippos 318x200

Despite moving long distances, hippos don’t...

Most of Uganda’s water bodies are home to these hippos. They spend the whole day cooling their bodies in water.

Thelionking 318x200

Kidepo has the real lion king of the jungle...

Lions are social animals and this clearly shows a behavior of a real king.

Cheetahsinuganda 318x200

Cheetahs can run faster than a car

Cheetahs are known to be the fastest land animals in the world but did you know that their speed can not be compared to that of an auto mobile?

Giraffes 318x200

Pearl of Africa: Uganda's Rothschild giraffe...

When fully grown, giraffes measure up to 6 meters in height,the weight goes up to 2,800 pounds but the males weigh more than the females.

Ostriches 318x200

The interesting lifestyle of an ostrich

In Uganda, Ostriches are found in Kidepo valley National Park. Kidepo is located in the north Eastern part of the country.

Tourism3 318x200

Museveni calls upon Ugandans to embrace,...

“On 6th October, Uganda will host the Conservation and Tourism Investment Forum and will call on international partners to invest in our conservation and...

Uwecedward 318x200

Understanding elephants in Uganda

According to Tumwesigye, the elephants under captivity must walk for 3 to 4 times a day. This keeps their joints in motion.

Ugandankob 318x200

Pearl of Africa: Meet the Ugandan Kob

The Ugandan Kob is so dear to Ugandans that is why it is featured on the coat of arms.

Sezibwaafalls 318x200

Pearl of Africa: Ssezibwa Falls

The experience, the atmosphere, the nature, the water, the river, the sounds, the birds, the rocks, and the culture are among so many unique features ...


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The breathtaking view of the Source...

Source of the Nile bridge adds to Uganda's spectacular views