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Adventures at Queen Elizabeth National Park...

In 1952 Queen Elizabeth was established as Kazinga National park but two years later, it was renamed to commemorate the visit by Queen Elizabeth 11, the...

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Amazing facts about the hippopotamus

Hippos are born in shallow water because cubs do not swim but are able to walk and swim within minutes after birth.

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Abducted tourist, driver rescued: 'We can...

"We were under pressure, but we can now put the anxiety to rest. The people are safe. They are secure. They are unharmed," says tourism minister Ephraim...

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Uganda an excellent destination — survey...

Uganda ranks fifth among the top 10 countries globally where expatriates easily make new friends and generally feel at home, a study says.

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Why Kisiizi Falls is a place of hope

There is no place in Uganda that has gained much popularity because of its history like Kisiizi falls.

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Leopards unite to procreate

Male and female leopards spend only a brief time together while they are mating and then go their separate ways.

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Peacocks court using feathers

The UWEC public relations officer, Scovia Musimenta says the beautiful feathers are used by the males to propose to the females.

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Ocorimongin: The biggest market in Uganda...

Besides cattle the market at the mercy of sun or rain, is a typical Uganda equivalent of a supermarket where everything can be bought.

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About the shoebill

Arabs call it Abu Maruk (father of the shoe) as it lives a solitary life around lake shores and clocks more than 50 years of age.

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Another rhino born at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary...

While in labor she was seen restlessly isolating herself from the herd mowing and corrugating her forehead.


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Justice at a price in Wakiso and...

Our undercover investigation has revealed how suspects pay to acquire justice in these courts.