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The wonder of Amabere ga Nyinamwiru

According to the guide, the Bachwezi from the great Batembuzi dynasty lived here between the 13th and 19th century. These people possessed supernatural...

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A peep into Fort Portal town

The town was praised as the cleanest in the whole country in the 1990s, but is this assertion still true? Maybe, maybe not.

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Uganda's potential coffee tourism

The Handshake on Uganda's potential coffee tourism

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Bird expo 2018 in high gear

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) spokesman, Gessa Simplicious, Uganda Tourist Board (UTB) executive director, Steven Asiimwe said it is joint effort by...

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The beautiful, historical Nyabihoko lake...

On the third night, at 3:00am, Mutuumo’s wife as usual woke up to churn milk for ghee and as she was busy on the job, she heard the walls of their shelter...

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Uganda risks ceasing to be the Pearl of Africa...

After competing for space we have rendered animals homeless.

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'At Mabere ga Nyina Mwiru the ancient meets...

“The place earns its name from a popular legend told by our ancestors orally,” begins a guide Joseph Muhamia. “This is where Nyina Mwiru camped when fore...

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The thrills of Queen Elizabeth National Park...

When you torch the wild animals they always mistake the light for a fire and they steer clear of it

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Lukaya's "mouth- watering" Nyama choma

“This cassava will keep you awake till you reach your destination!” markets one of the elderly mamas. “It is so soft – roasted just the way your grandmother...

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Zari falls for western jazz

“We have gone digital in marketing destination Uganda,” reveals Kiwanda. “Already we are harvesting the fruits as responses on social media are shooting...


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Safety at 'core' of Boeing, says...

"Safety is at the core of who we are at Boeing, and ensuring safe and reliable travel on our airplanes is an enduring value and our absolute commitment to everyone," Muilenburg said.