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Malaysian tour operators relish Uganda's...

"Ugandans too are warm and kind people. The trip is so far a delight and I cannot wait to encourage Malaysians to visit."

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Uganda’s beauty wows Israelites

Relations between Uganda and Israel have been good and as a gesture of close diplomatic ties.

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Saving the graceful giraffe from extinction...

“In Uganda giraffes are seen in Mburo National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park,” says Steven Busulwa an animal keeper...

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Fabiola marries Karimojong warrior

"You're a lucky girl. But before I marry you and pay my dowry, you need to give me a kid. I'm looking at planting between 8-10 kids in you, " he spoke...

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Day 1: Tulambule heads to Kidepo

It looked like the last straw, when my grip was forced off the boat. I mean, I knew I had to let go so that they'd turn the boat upside. But letting go...

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A look through Uganda's capital city, Kampala...

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda. Take a look at its sky lining buildings, people and streets.

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How to deal with snakes in your backyard...

“Stay ram rod still and let it slither away,” tips Kasange. “They normally strike in defence against potential danger after feeling vibrations in their...

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Ajarova’s vision for Uganda’s tourism

Ajarova took over office early this year. She believes Uganda has all it takes to become the world’s number one tourism destination.

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The raging war between humans and wildlife...

The raging war is as a result of lack of land use plans and controlling development strategies around the protected areas.

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Abenakyo unwell, Tulambule trip put on hold...

The trip has been postponed until Quiin Abenakyo, the reigning Miss World Africa recovers.


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Safety at 'core' of Boeing, says...

"Safety is at the core of who we are at Boeing, and ensuring safe and reliable travel on our airplanes is an enduring value and our absolute commitment to everyone," Muilenburg said.