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Kagulurock 318x200

Pearl of Africa: Climbing Kagulu hill rock...

It takes about an hour for one reach the peak of Kagulu hill. I was not geared enough to take on the challenge.

Hamukungu2 318x200

Elephant ban excites conservationists

Currently, elephants can be transferred from the wild and placed in "captive facilities" elsewhere in the world under exceptional circumstances - and subject...

Murcision27 318x200

Murchison Falls: A tourism gem

“Besides the falls what is there to write home about?” One destined there may rightly ask, but the list of attractions will exhaust the fingers on both...

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While in Kampala tease those taste buds

A trip to Kampala city is incomplete if one does not dig his fork or fingers in the head of a tilapia served fresh with crunchy chips.

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Murchison Falls: A wealth of history

Other than millions of ordinary visitors, it has attracted globally notable personalities.

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Full Bulletin: Interesting life of Zebras...

Imagine lying down to eat your food and then stand up to sleep.

Kisiizi 318x200

Full Bulletin: Memories of Kisiizi falls...

It is reported that at these falls unmarried pregnant Bakiga girls could be thrown to their deaths.

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Full Bulletin: Wonders of Rwenzori Mountain...

Rwenzori Mountain with its National park are located in southwestern Uganda on the east side of the western African rift valley.

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Full Bulletin: Wonders of Sempaya hot springs...

The hot springs have tremendously attracted a great number of tourists in Uganda.

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National parks to be fenced off

“We are going to construct similar fences around other parks in the country and supplement them with surveillance cameras,” Museveni said at the public...


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When mobile phones came to Uganda...

President Yoweri Museveni encouraged other investors to emulate Celtel and “invest in the future of Uganda”.