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Namugongo 318x200

Namugongo pilgrims soldier on

Uganda Martyrs were marched to Namugongo for burning

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Pearl of Africa: Lake Kijjanebarola

The lake found in Rakai district is believed to have formed its self

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Pearl of Africa: Kitagata Hot Springs

In the western region of Uganda lies the natural Kitagata hot springs. The hot springs are located in Sheema District . Here is New Vision TV's Pearl Of...

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UTB aggressively markets friendly gorilla...

Excited safari lodge operators are requesting Uganda Wildlife Authority to increase the permits available.

Lakebunyonyi 318x200

Lake Bunyonyi’s amazing 29 islands

Lake Bunyonyi lies in the south western part of Uganda in districts of Kabale and Kisoro

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Pearl of Africa: Sipi falls

A tour at Sipi falls is a package of all the adventure you look forward to in Uganda. To begin with, is the stunning beauty that looms around the modification...

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Uganda’s Mountain gorillas’ habitats wither...

Uganda’s forests — and the mountain gorilla’s habitat - have shrunk greatly over recent years.

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PEARL OF AFRICA: Rwenzori Mountain

The Rwenzori Mountains reach heights up to 5,109 metres (16,762 ft).

Kagubalarocks 318x200

Pearl of Africa: Kagubala rocks

The rocks have interesting shapes which have attracted masses from various parts of the world to look at them. Let us also have a look.

Riverkatonga 318x200

River Katonga changed direction over the...

Pearl of Africa: River Katonga


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Museveni launches fiberboard factory...

President Yoweri Museveni launched Nile Fibre Boards Uganda Ltd at Kinoni Village, Kakoge Sub County in Nakasongola district on April 10. The $25m factory is to employ over 1000 locals. The company is specialised in making wood products including different...