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New Budhagali will not eat for 8 days

Meanwhile, there is excitement in the village over the anticipated unveiling of the new cultural leader, as traditionalists sing and dance to cultural...

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Life at Lake Mburo National Park

About 20% of Lake Mburo National park’s surface is covered with water. What welcomes you here are the quality lodges.

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Why you need to go rafting on the Nile

You can never know what you are capable of doing until you try it.

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The joy of rafting on the Nile

During the five hours of sailing on River Nile, tourists were introduced to rafting which many thought was really hard for anyone who is not a swimmer....

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Birders’ paradise: 11 new bird species discovered...

According to Achilles Byaruhanga, the executive director of Nature Uganda, the scientists also confirmed a species that were first encountered in Uganda...

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Must see in Kidepo National Park

Festive season is drawing nearer, here are the things you must see this at Kidepo Valley National Park

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Hiking at Mount Elgon National Park

Mountain Elgon sits in Mbale district in the Eastern part of Uganda.

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Why the zoo conserves animal remains

On entering the zoo, one first encounters the knowledge repository at the information center where information on Uganda’s wildlife is kept and updated....

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Lake Victoria's everlasting offerings

Lake Victoria is Africa's largest lake, the world's largest tropical lake, and the world's second largest fresh water lake by surface area, after lake...

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Kalangala’s hidden adventures

Kalangala district can be described as the Madagascar of Uganda, reason, it is surrounded by Lake Victoria water.


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Kaggwa's umbrella folds

The human rights activists is said to have collapsed from his car at Mulago round about while on his way to work.