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Pearl of Africa

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A tortoise can live up to 500 years

A tortoise can live up to 500 years

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The traditional canoe experience

Have you used a traditional canoe before?

Waterlily 318x200

Stunning view of water lilies

The most common exotic flowers you can find on the rivers and streams in the country are known as water lilies.

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Sailing on Lake Albert

The feel of sailing on Lake Albert

Rubirizi 318x200

Meet Rubirizi’s twin lakes

The Banyakole a dominant tribe refer to them as “Nyanzibiri” which means “two lakes”.

Butterffly 318x200

Flying high like a butterfly

Butterflies are very attractive insects. Many international celebrities have used them as symbols.

Bwindi 318x200

Gorillas gracing Bwindi Impenetrable National...

Gorillas are friendly animals

Reptilevillage 318x200

Daring the snakes home

#NewVisionTV Pearl of Africa: Daring the snakes home. Urban Television travel journalist Aine Derrick visited Uganda Reptile village and came close to...

Bahai 318x200

Bahai temple’s exceptional architectural...

Built more than 40 years ago, the Bahai Temple is like a crown on the crest of Kikaya Hill, four miles from Kampala off Gayaza Road.

Azinga 318x200

Life at Kazinga channel

The Kazinga channel is a wide 32-kilometre long natural channel connecting the two Lakes; Lake George on the east and Lake Edward to the west in Queen...


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When mobile phones came to Uganda...

President Yoweri Museveni encouraged other investors to emulate Celtel and “invest in the future of Uganda”.