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18-yr-old hacks boss to death over pay

By Simon Masaba

Added 1st July 2020 03:00 PM

The two lived under the same roof – a mud and wattle hut

The two lived under the same roof – a mud and wattle hut

The Police has arrested an 18-year-old man for hacking his employer in Manyogaseka sub-county, in Kassanda district.

John Serugo, 18, was arrested after he allegedly hacked to death his employer, Innocent Watanasayi alias Mukongo, a Democratic Republic of Congo national over pay.

Watanasayi, 28, specialised in charcoal burning in Manyogaseka, Kassanda district, according to a preliminary Police report seen by New Vision.

The Police further noted that the deceased together with others had been in the charcoal burning business for the past seven years operating on a hill at Rwamugenyi village.

It is said that Watanasayi hired Serugo to assist him burn charcoal and that the two lived under the same roof - a mud and wattle hut.

According to witness statements to the Police, the two developed misunderstandings over-sharing proceeds from last Sunday's sales.

"The argument prompted the suspect (Serugo) to pick a panga and cut the deceased two times on the head killing him instantly," read the report.

Police visited the scene, recovered evidential material and later took the deceased's body to Kassanda Health Centre IV for a post-mortem.

Charcoal burning depleting forests

Over time, government officials have stated that charcoal burning and encroachment on forests for agriculture has resulted in depletion of natural forests.

Experts predict that if the current rate of emission of greenhouse gases continues, the earth would be about 1 degree centigrade warmer by 2025 and 3 degrees by 2100.

The negative impact of rapid temperature rise as reduction in biological diversity since habitats would become unsuitable for some species of animals.

Other negative impacts include wide-spread flooding, higher temperatures, and prolonged droughts.

In some parts of the country, people continue migrating because of water shortages.

According to government officials only increased awareness of the negative impacts of climate change would help address the problem.

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