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A garden in the front yard? It's possible

By Vision Reporter

Added 6th March 2018 10:59 AM

Select a theme colour that complements the plants and pots.

Select a theme colour that complements the plants and pots.

A creative ornamental garden will beautify the area


Who says your garden must be hidden in the backyard? Once in a while, rules can be broken or changed.

Why should your backyard look stunning and have a better fragrance than the front? Because the first place that meets the eye in a home is the front, it should be beautified.

According to Lillian Katiso, a gardener at Maua, a Kampala suburb, before making a front garden, decide what you need it for. The functionality of its location determines a lot of things. The theme one wants to bring out and the selection of the plants must be thoughtfully chosen.

Choose plants depending on your personality and taste in colour. Katiso says your family also matters. Children are curious and they may end up eating the plants, so avoid growing poisonous plants.

She adds that the size of your front space should also be put into consideration when selecting which plants to grow. If it is small, go for a simpler theme to prevent crowding.

"If your balcony is small, use hanging baskets and wall plants. Use small planters with bright coloured plants to add beauty to your space," Katisao says.

Select a theme colour (it can be colour of the walls or of the cushions for the seats on the balcony) that complements the plants and pots.

"The theme colour has to make you happy. Your front should not only please the visitors, but you as well, because it is your home," she says.

Grow flowering plants in plain pots, whereas dull ones in colourful pots.


"If you do not have time for maintenance, do not go in for high maintenance plants. Opt for low maintenance plants to save time and money," Leonard Muzahura, a landscaper at Superior Landscapes in Nsambya, Kampala, cautions.

Consider the amount of sunshine that the plants receive, mostly those on the balcony or the porch. Keep rotating them or choose shade plants, such as peace lily and philodendron. And, in case your porch receives too much sunshine, go for drought-resistant plants, such as the cacti and aloe vera.

 "Plants on the porch should be kept healthy and free from pests by draining them using sand and stones, to prevent them from being waterlogged," he advises

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