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Five fashion Trends crossing over to 2018

By Stella Nassuna

Added 17th January 2018 11:58 AM

As long as it is fringe, it is still relevant.

Five fashion Trends crossing over to 2018

As long as it is fringe, it is still relevant.

PIC: Fringe earrings


We are already days into the New Year and everyone is anticipating what old trends will stand the taste of time. Here are the trends that will cross over into 2018.

Pastel hues have been in for years and they are not going anywhere in 2018. In fact, they are going to become trendier than ever before, especially in Uganda. Pastel hues are soothing soft, near neutral or washed out (pale) colours. These colours include whites, black, brown, blue and more.

 Pastel Hues

Checks are commonly known as drafts in Uganda. They come mostly in shirts, blouses, trousers, jackets, suits, hats, skirts, dresses and bags. So what so ever way you choose to wear them this 2018, you will be on point.

A checkered dress

Fringes are threads that are left loose on the edge of clothing, bag or shoes. Fringes are for keeps; carry them all into your 2018 wardrobe. Rock the fringe bags, the fringe dresses, fringe blouses, fringe shoes.. As long as it is fringe it is in.

Bold hues
Do not give in to the urge of throwing your bold hue clothing out because you have heard that pastel hues are the thing of 2018. Bold hues are still a thing too. Wear them as you please, wear a dress, blouse, shirt, T-shirt and more.

 Bold hues


 Bold hues checkered

The sun has not yet stopped doing its work. It shines down on the earth and on everybody who walks the face of the earth. You need to keep the sun heat at bay this 2018, keep all the sheers. Keep the sheer jackets.

 Sheer shiffon

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