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Pay attention to your tyres

By Stella Naigino

Added 13th January 2018 12:57 PM

When you notice uneven tread wear, it could be due to a misalignment.

Pay attention to your tyres

When you notice uneven tread wear, it could be due to a misalignment.

PIC: Ensure that your car is repaired by a professional mechanic. (Credit: Stella Naigino)


When she bought a car, she thought it was all about fueling the vehicle and you are good to go. Little did Doreen Namwera know that buying a car was more than putting fuel in it.

One of the biggest challenges Namwera had was taking care of her tyres. She was still learning to drive and always hit avoidable potholes. The car's tyres were worn-out and never used to last so she had to spend on buying more until she realised she was buying poor quality car parts.

According Patel Dhrupesh, the director of Sparco Technologies, sometimes tyres get worn out if one chooses the wrong type.

He advises motorists to choose tyres of good quality and also ensure good maintenance to prolong their lifespan. Below are maintenance tips.

Check tyre pressure

Dhrupesh says proper tyre inflation is essential for safe driving. It is wise to check your tyre pressure at least once a month with an accurate pressure gauge.

"Be sure to check pressure while your tyres are cold and have not been used recently. Even driving a mile will cause your tyre pressure to increase and give you an inaccurate reading," he says. Dhrupesh adds that one should consult a professional mechanic.

Tyre tread

He says there are two popular ways to check for signs of tyre tread wear. Look at the tread wear indicator bar that is molded into your tyres. The bars are located at the bottoms of the tread grooves in several locations around the tyre.

"When a tyre is so worn-out that these bars become visibly flush with the adjacent tread ribs, it is time to replace it," he advises.

Wear patterns

Dhrupesh says as tyres wear, sometimes wear patterns emerge that can indicate problems with your vehicle or tyres. If you see any of these patterns, have your tyres checked.


If your tyres are unbalanced, you will notice vibration. "This can lead to driver fatigue, premature or irregular tyre wear and unnecessary wear to your vehicle's suspension," Dhrupesh says.

He says tyres should be balanced when they are mounted on wheels for the first time or when they are remounted after repair.

Vehicle alignment

Dhrupesh says your vehicle is properly aligned when all of its suspension and steering components are working well.

He says when you notice uneven tread wear, it could be due to a misalignment and your vehicle should be serviced.


Dhrupesh says tyre repairs should be made by a professional mechanic. The proper repair procedure includes dismounting the tyre from the wheel. This allows for thorough inspection of the tyre for damage as well as the use of a patch and plug to repair any punctures that fall within the guidelines for repair.

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