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Build a better Uganda â€" First Lady

By Vision Reporter

Added 21st June 2011 03:00 AM

MEMBERS of the 9th Parliament have been urged to enact laws and policies that will build a better Uganda.

MEMBERS of the 9th Parliament have been urged to enact laws and policies that will build a better Uganda.

MEMBERS of the 9th Parliament have been urged to enact laws and policies that will build a better Uganda.

The First Lady and minister for Karamoja affairs, Janet Museveni, said this would enable the future generations to live in a better and prosperous country.

Mrs. Museveni said it is God who sets seasons and times, therefore those elected to the 9th Parliament should recognise and fulfil God’s purpose.

She said God entrusted the MPs with the high office at this particular time when Uganda is preparing for its independence jubilee.

Mrs. Museveni recognised the significance of the 9th Parliament in presiding over the closing of the last 50 years of Uganda’s independence on October9, 2012 ushering the country into its jubilee.

She said this should be welcomed with jubilation and conscientious plans for the future.

Mrs. Museveni was speaking as the chief guest at the inaugural dinner hosted by the Uganda Parliamentary Fellowship for members of the 9th Parliament at Sheraton Hotel Kampala on Friday.

She spoke on the theme: “Building Uganda from Good to Great.”

She said she was happy with the theme because it acknowledges the fact that Uganda has progressed from bad to good.

Mrs. Museveni noted that many times when one listens to the opposition and the media, they might think that Uganda has not registered any success at all.

Mrs. Museveni advised the public to always take stock of both the positives and negatives of the country’s history.

She said this would chart a clear way forward instead of focusing on the negatives.

Mrs. Museveni said for the last 25 years God had restored peace, stability and economic recovery in Uganda.

She also highlighted the great strides made in the arenas of education, health, infrastructure development, agriculture, investment, trade, tourism, security and defence.

Mrs. Museveni said the political revival which has swept across the nation enabled Ugandans to participate in their political destination.

Mrs. Museveni asked leaders to take up their responsibilities in building a firm foundation for a better Uganda.

“With God on our side and Ugandans really working together for the good of our prosperity, nothing is impossible,” she added.

Mrs. Museveni said if Africa is to overcome its social and economic disgrace the world over Africans must abandon idolatry because God judges it severely.

She congratulated the parliamentary fellowship members for keeping it alive and maintaining a spiritual presence in parliament through the years.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, said humility is the key to everything.

He advised the parliamentarians to always use God’s guidance through fellowshipping to focus on issues that benefit Uganda rather than themselves.

The chairman of the parliamentary fellowship, David Bahati, said the caucus of God is bigger than all other caucuses and does not discriminate against political affiliations.

The parliamentary fellowship was founded in 1986 by the late Hon. Balaki Kirya, and has since 1991 been organising a prayer breakfast on every October 8.

Bahati said the fellowship, initiated some bills like the Anti- Homosexuality and Anti-Pornography believes in a God led country and God led policies.

Build a better Uganda – First Lady

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