Tuesday,January 22,2019 22:13 PM


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Museveni remembers Ngariam attack victims

Following the recent meeting between Museveni and over 90 leaders of Katakwi at Rwakitura, the President is expected to make public...

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Rakai School Fire: Students sent back to prison

The students have 10 counts of murder, 37 of attempted murder, 2 attempted arsons and one malicious damage. But Tayebwa and Nzeyimaana...

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Woman dies after being hit by electricity pole

The congregation was praying when it rained heavily, uprooting a tree that fell on electric wires forcing a rotten electric pole...


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Greek PM calls confidence vote after minister quits over...

Panos Kammenos, who resigned, said that he would vote against the government as supporting it would imply backing for the name...

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Ensure that Africa is not recolonised, Museveni tells political...

He, therefore, called on lawyers to enact laws that promote the county’s interests.

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Netanyahu denies bribery after Israel police recommend indictment...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied bribery allegations against him and his wife.

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World to miss 2020 climate 'turning point': analysis

In 2017, experts identified six key milestones that mankind must hit by 2020 if the Paris climate goal of limiting global temperature...

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EU, AU signal willingness to work with Congo's Tshisekedi...

Felix Tshisekedi is expected to be sworn in as president on Thursday after the country's highest court declared him victor.

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NDA declares popular herbal drug unsafe

Sex-enhancing drugs and products are some of the most counterfeited medicines in the country today

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Agro-ecology good for safeguarding environment

The practice sustains the health of ecosystems as it increases food production, thus preserving the environment.

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Formal business registrations will boost tax collection...

Business owners need to understand that the growth of their entities will ultimately grow when operating within legal status

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Rethinking urban infrastructure for collective use, sustainability...

Various policies and political barriers must be addressed and overcome for change to happen and to regulate it