Gospel music comes alive at the Beat Connect 19

By Denis Nsubuga

Added 3rd July 2019 04:47 PM

The show started with dejaay mixes from six deejays, playing strictly gospel music.

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The show started with dejaay mixes from six deejays, playing strictly gospel music.


Gospel music in Uganda has come of age. Like its cousin, the secular, the trends have changed. But what is striking about the gospel music is the vibe it oozes today. Forget the days when Gospel music was a reserve for Sunday mornings and uplifting one’s faith. Today's goes an extra mile.

It has party bangers. And young born-again Christians say, “It has Life.” With secular music themes, youths can revel on it any day.

The real manifestation of the trend came off at The Beat Connect 19 on Friday night. Youthful born-again Christians turned up in droves at the Garden City Rooftop to groove to the songs of praise and worship. But these were not mere songs of praise; they were party songs.



These are gospel songs that have found their way into the pop secular music circuit. Dancehall and Hip hop beats that the youth Christianity believers relate are making gospel songs. Revelers at the show danced to songs from over 50 musicians from the Gospel music fraternity.

From little known acts like Dama Gre, St. Ronnie, Small Q, Kajjambiya to names like Lyrical Michael, Copy Bly, and Levixone, the audience was driven to ecstasy.

The show started with deejay mixes from six deejays, playing strictly gospel music. The surprise guest on the show was popular DJ Shiru, who was welcomed on the stage with cheers. He acknowledged the current trend of gospel music. He promised to start playing gospel music. The audience screamed in delight.

The show’s host and organizer, radio present, King Wesley, said the show is aimed at celebrating the evolution of gospel music and create a one-stop where born-again youths can party in their own music.

Every act brought a different feel to the audience and each was enjoyed in their own way. On some artists, the audience couldn’t help but jump on stage and dance with the artiste. It is a free-spirited mood. A convergence of the born-again youth who were out to party, but on lyrics that acclaim their God.

To naysayers, this would be a surprise—to have over six hours of nonstop gospel music and thrill in one line. Beat Connect did it.



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