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Museveni does not need advisers – Pastor Serwadda

By Geoffrey Namukoye

Added 15th January 2018 10:30 AM

“A general does not need an advisor, he needs a strategist,” Serwadda noted.

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“A general does not need an advisor, he needs a strategist,” Serwadda noted.

PIC: Dr Joseph Serwadda says having asked the media to broadcast the President's New Year message on December 31 when most people were in diffrent gatherings was wrong advice. (File photo)

KAMPALA - The presiding apostle of the Born-Again faith in Uganda has advised President Yoweri Museveni to drop ‘advisors’ and opt for strategists, if his vision is to be realised.

Whereas the President has a number of advisors, Pastor Joseph Serwadda, who is also a member of the inter-religious council, thinks advisors have not done enough to help the President realise his dream.

Serwadda was specifically concerned about the President’s New Year message, which he said, was wrongly scheduled and he faulted the advisors for it.

On December 22, 2017, the Uganda Communication Commission directed all broadcasters to air the President’s New Year’s on December 31, a move Serwadda said was ill advised.

Serwadda made the remarks during a radio talk show, Ebizimba okukiriza, on a local station, on Sunday morning.

“It really hurts! The purpose of the President’s New Year message is to envision the nation on how and what Ugandans are to achieve during the year,” Serwadda said.

He noted that because of poor scheduling, the President raised critical issues in the absence of his audience.

“On December 31, the whole nation is mobile. People are in churches, bars and in gatherings filled with entertainment,” he said.
Serwadda recommends that, New Year’s Day be adopted as a day for the President to talk to the nation, partly because it is a public holiday when everybody is home.

On the issue that some advisors do not get to meet the President, Serwadda noted that it is because they do not have advice that works for him.

“A general does not need an advisor, he needs a strategist,” Serwadda noted.

Quoting from the Oxford English dictionary, Serwadda said, an advisor makes recommendations, but has powers to enforce them, while a strategist is a skilled planner on how best to gain advantage from a situation.

“A strategist does not work for his boss, he works with his boss and he is an implementer and not a bystander like our advisors,” he said

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