Jinja meat traders cry over losses

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Added 10th January 2018 04:19 PM

Traders under the Jinja Abattoirs Traders' Association have been slaughtering between 20 and 25 cows a day.

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PIC: Mukiibi addressing traders during a meeting in Jinja. (Credit: Charles Okalebo)


Traders under the Jinja Abattoirs Traders' Association have appealed to the Government chemist to examine samples of meat taken from different localities in Kampala and produce a report on the alleged use of dangerous chemicals by butchers.

Chrysostom Mukiibi Kagolo, the chairperson of the association, said articles published recently in newspapers had affected the meat business, with their sales falling below 50%.

“We have been slaughtering between 20 and 25 cows a day. However, following the publication of articles in newspapers that Kampala city traders were using formalin (a chemical) to scare off house flies from Butchers’ shops, meat consumption has drastically fallen,” Mukiibi said.

He said the Government chemists should come up with an authentic report on whether the chemical found in the meat was actually formalin.

According to Mukiibi, the situation has not only affected beef, but also mutton and goat’s meat, as it is all being shunned by consumers yet the meat industry is a source of livelihood for thousands of traders and their families.

Mukiibi was addressing traders under the Jinja Abattoirs Traders at the Jinja Municipality abattoir. The meeting was attended by consumers, traders and the journalists.

 "A normal trader cannot buy a cow at sh1.5m then injects its meat with formalin in the name of scaring off house flies,” Mukiibi said.

 The director of Butembe Butchers, Imam Muwaya, said the association handles approximately 200 kilogrammes a day. He said whatever remains is stored in a deep freezer until the next day, when it is sold in the morning before fresh meat is brought in.


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