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How to improve your work life in 2018

By Michael Kanaabi

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Get rid of the fear, especially the fear of quitting disguised as being comfortable.

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Get rid of the fear, especially the fear of quitting disguised as being comfortable.

By the time the year 2017 came to a close there were a number of things you were not happy about in your life, especially your working life which is a big part of your routine, if not the biggest part.

Getting rid of these things and adapt to more productive habits to make your 2018 a better one at the work place.

Get rid of the fear, especially the fear of quitting disguised as being comfortable. James Opio, a human resource (HR) consultant, points out that there are so many people stuck in jobs they should have left long ago, but they are enslaved by some form of little comfort driven by fear of the unknown. This must go.

Giving up
Giving up when you are about to reach the finish line is often something many people do.

Opio says: “Often the toughest part of any project or activity happens just before the break through or just before the finish line and it is during the same period the brain starts to think it is too hard and considers letting go. You risk achieving nothing substantial if you do not fight this habit.”

Procrastination is a habit which stands in the way of progress many times. One needs to get rid of it.

Victim mentality
Throw out the victim mentality Opio emphasizes.

“For every challenge and problem most people meet, especially at work there is someone or something to blame. Your boss, your colleague, the secretary, the CEO, inefficient systems or procedures, someone or something is always against you in your wisdom. This kind of attitude will only keep you down, get rid of it too.”

Keeping quiet even when you must speak up should stop. Our cultures often, according to business coach Alfred Kaggwa, tells us never to
respond to elders, especially when they rebuke or criticise you and many times this is carried into the work place. For some even when it is a case of bullying they just cannot speak up. This too needs to stop.

The door mat
Being too accommodative to people’s baggage must stop in 2017 too. Alfred Kaggwa says “If you are often the one who has to compromise, do the ugly part of the task, you are the one who always does extra favours for others, puts in the extra shift to get a project done as everyone else gives just the minimum. Leave this ‘foot stool mentality’ in 2017 because often times you will be rewarded with more baggage.”

What you need to adapt
Search deeper and find more meaning in your work. Opio advises that re-examining why you do the work you do, what your personal goals are, how the two interlink and then what it adds to you mentally, socially, physically and spiritually will leave you better. Use your time out of work more meaningfully according to Opio.

He says while watching your favourite series is a great way to spend your evenings and going out for a couple of drinks with friends is a good way to spend your weekends, There are more productive engagements.

For example, learn a new language, take on an online course in a skill you like or make crafts you can sell for an extra income, Opio advises.

Do more reading than ever before Kaggwa advises.
“Reading is the exercise of the mind and if you chose to read something new every day for at least 30 to 60 minutes of your day, you will not stay the same. Read within your field and outside your field,” he says.

Focus on your strength and schedule your most important tasks for the time of the day you are usually productive, so you can get them out of the way faster, Kaggwa advises.

It is also important to learn from those better than you this year. Kaggwa says often times, we are too proud to learn from others and when someone does something better than us, we console ourselves by giving excuses such as they are favoured, it is just luck and the like. Yet, he says learning from them would help you soar.

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