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Beautify your car interior with new seat covers

By Stella Naigino

Added 24th October 2017 06:24 PM

New seat covers come in various colours, types and prices and will give your car a new and comfy feel.

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New seat covers come in various colours, types and prices and will give your car a new and comfy feel.


Want to pimp up your car, giving it a brand new look? New seat covers will do the trick.

There are various types of seat covers on the market, in different colours that motorists can choose from, depending on one's taste.

William Kigozi, a dealer in car parts at Kisseka Market, says new seat covers automatically give the interior of one's car a new feel and look.

He says those who plan to sell off their cars can also re-dress their cars to sell at a higher price, since it will make the car appear new.

"You just have to choose the colour and type of material you would like to use, right from soft leather, pure leather to plastic seat covers," he says.

Plastic seat covers
“These are usually used in commercial vehicles like taxis. However, people with private cars avoid them because when they get old and crack, they can tear clothes,” Kigozi explains.

He says plastic covers are user friendly. "Cleaning them only requires a wet cloth to wipe away the dust and your good to go,” he says.

Cloth seat cover
These are preferred by those in public transport, because they are cheap and long lasting.

However, Denis Mugambe, a taxi driver notes that cloth seat covers get stained easily.

"Some passengers refuse to use taxis with dirty seat covers. Even when they are washed, they take long to dry," he says.

Soft Leather seat cover
“These are used by both commercial car owners and private car owners. They come in different colours and prices,” Kigozi notes.

Kigozi says leather seat covers are comfortable and add warmth to the seat.

"Leather covers have have a spray purposely used in cleaning them. They can also be simply dusted," he says.

Pure Leather seat covers
According to kigozi such seat covers are preferred by high class people and few motorists make orders of pure leather car seat covers. Their prices range from sh500,000 and above, depending on the size and make.

He notes that motorists should consider choosing colors depending on what they intend to use the car for.

However, he notes that colours like brown, black, red and grey are most preferred by motorists.

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