Vision Group celebrities record patriotic song

By Kyle Duncan Kushaba

Added 20th October 2016 02:23 PM

“Nnyaffe Uganda is something that will change the face of Uganda."

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Mama Dot Com has teamed up with Vision Group singers to inspire patriotism amongst Ugandans

“Nnyaffe Uganda is something that will change the face of Uganda."

Television can easily make one an overnight celebrity and the guys at Bukedde TV and Urban TV are not wasting time to exploit their celebrity.

With the help of a good Samaritan only identified as Mama dot com (what a name!), the team have finished recording the new monster song called Nnyaffe Uganda which they will soon release its visuals. The song is written and produced by renowned song writer Saxess Busulwa.

One of the singers on this project dubbed Nnyaffe Uganda, Robert Semakula, who is also a Senior producer at the station intimated to us about the plans for the song.

Nnyaffe Uganda is something that will change the face of Uganda especially to the tourists who hear baseless stories that Uganda is a no nonsense place which is absolutely not true. Uganda is a lovely place where every tourist that gets here wants to stay for good”

He also noted how unpatriotic most of our music has been over the years as Ugandan singers have resorted to singing about girls’ behinds and faces.

“We have been very lucky with the help of Saxess through whom we have met a mother who prefers to go by 'Mama Dot Com' and who believes that this project is the best she has ever seen or heard and she is willing to meet all the expenses to a tune of 20000 USD that will see the team of about 20 people traverse the whole of Uganda shooting the video of this ‘Nnyaffe Uganda’ song.

"When she heard the song, she couldn’t help but hold her tears about how much love we had for our nation. I for one believe that music is the way to make the rest of the world listen and I can promise you that the world is about to see the best of patriotic songs ever recorded.”

Want to know which celebrities are on this song? Hang in there, it won’t even be a month before you hear it all over.

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