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Child abuse cases on the rise in Adjumani

By Andrew Masinde

Added 17th June 2016 01:04 PM

Common cases of child abuse include neglect and torture

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Common cases of child abuse include neglect and torture

Cases of child abuse are on the rise in Adjumani district, according to reports from the community development officer Ramadhan Mawadri.

He says every year the district registers about 150 cases of defilement, 50 of which are child marriages, up from a handful of cases a few years ago. He also notes that almost every day there are about 10 cases of gender-based violence reported in the district.

He made the remarks during the celebrations of the Day of the African Child at Adjumani district headquarters on Thursday.

Mawadri stressed that the other common cases of child abuse include neglect and torture. He said at least five cases of child neglect are reported every week.

Meanwhile, Agnes Ebong, the Adjumani resident district commissioner, blamed the increasing cases of child abuse on parents ignoring their responsibilities.

“If animals and birds take care of their babies, why not human beings? Men, stop leaving your responsibilities to women because at the end of the day, you receive the greatest praise when a child becomes successful,” she stressed.

According to a study conducted by the Government and UNICEF, almost 40% of Ugandan children have suffered physical violence that has negatively affected them.

Likewise, a 2011 report by the Ugandan Police stated that over 20,100 children had been victims of offences ranging from ‘neglect to infanticide’, including ‘widespread forms of punishment and discipline against children, either through physical assault or harm’.



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