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No time for honeymoon - Rugby Cranes Coach

By Vision Reporter

Added 24th June 2015 12:33 PM

The Rugby Cranes have no time to lounge after winning back the Elgon Cup last weekend.

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Pool A: Uganda, Madagascar, Senegal,  
Pool B: I. Coast, Mauritius, Botswana

Tournament fixtures
July 5  

Madagascar v Botswana 
Uganda v Ivory Coast 
Mauritius v Senegal
July 8  

Senegal v Ivory Coast 
Madagascar v Mauritius 
Uganda v Botswana 

July 11  

Uganda v Mauritius 
Senegal v Botswana 
Madagascar v Ivory Coast

The Rugby Cranes have no time to lounge after winning back the Elgon Cup last weekend.

Head coach John Duncan, a man who believes only in hard work summoned the boys for training on Monday to start fixing the weaknesses observed during the Elgon Cup and fine tune ahead of the Rugby Africa Cup tier 1B tournament next month July 5-11 in Kampala.

Rugby Cranes coach John Duncan instructing players at Kyadondo. PHOTO/JOHNSON WERE

Duncan told the New Vision on Monday after training that it is high time the boys put aside the Elgon Cup celebrations and focused on the top priority of winning the Rugby Africa tournament.

"In rugby there is no luck; but it is all about what you give during a game. Each game will be a final, so players should forget Elgon Cup and focus on Rugby Africa with 100 percent dedication," Duncan stated.

"I will select the top 23 players on merit without any influence so players must know that and give in their best," Duncan stressed authoritatively.

Assistant coach Robert Seguya said that they will put much emphasis on chasing the kicks, tackling, mauls and agility.

"There are no knockout stages in this tournament, so every game is a final and we have to score as many points as possible which require us to work on the players' agility," Seguya stressed.

The teams in pool A will battle those in pool B and the one that emerges with the highest points will be promoted to tier 1A.

No time for Honeymoon - Rugby Cranes Coach

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