King Iguru dedicates Bunyoro to God

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Added 24th May 2013 02:12 PM

Omukama Solomon Iguru has prayed for God’s forgiveness for evils committed by past Kings and his subjects.

By Raymond Baguma, Robert Atuhairwe                        
According to Bunyoro tradition, the King is faultless and blameless. However, the Omukama Solomon Iguru Thursday did an unprecedented act when he prayed for God’s forgiveness for evils committed by past Kings and his subjects.

Iguru also dedicated the kingdom to God during the first-ever convention held by Christian church leaders on the transformation of Bunyoro kingdom. The four-day convention attracted over 2,000 participants who gathered at St. Peters Cathedral, in Duhaga, Hoima town.

“We ask for God forgiveness of our sins, and those of our forefathers. We repent the sins that have led to divisionism in Bunyoro. For idolatry, witchcraft, shedding of blood, slavery and slave trade, jealousness, corruption, sexual promiscuity, rape and defilement of the dignity of women and children,” Iguru prayed.

The convention was organised to dedicate the kingdom to God, as well as deliberate on the role that Christian leaders have to play to bring Bunyoro kingdom to prosperity in line with the national roadmap of Vision 2040.

Iguru called for a new beginning in people’s lives, calling for unity amongst his subjects, and Ugandans, and for God’s wisdom to guide him in leading the traditional institution of Bunyoro.

“May we look at each other as God’s children, and we pray for God’s wisdom to guide us as we lead our people to national prosperity. We dedicate our Kingdom to you so that you are our God. We want Bunyoro to be renowned as a kingdom that fears God; because the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. We break all pacts with idols and local gods, which have bound Bunyoro. And I make a pact with God forever and ever,” prayed Iguru.

Omukama Iguru said that in the Bible, leaders who feared God such as King David, received blessings from God; while leaders who did not, were exiled, such as King Nebuchadnezzar.

“God gave us the resource of oil. Let us ask him for wisdom to use the oil resource well. Let us not be divided, but work together for development and prosperity,” added Iguru.

During the convention, the church leaders discussed strategies and made resolutions to overcome the bottlenecks that have hindered prosperity in Bunyoro kingdom. Present were Ministers and Members of Parliament from Bunyoro region, kingdom officials, and LC 5 chairpersons from the five districts of Bunyoro region.

The convention also appointed a board that will spearhead the spiritual transformation of Bunyoro kingdom. The board includes Pastor Nicholas Kasaija of Hoima Christian Fellowship Church, Pastor Sam Muhumuza of Revival Ministry Hoima.

Others include Fr. Robert Mugisa and Fr. Peter Kibuuka of Hoima Catholic Diocese; Bishop Nathan Kyamanywa of Bunyoro Kitara diocese, and Bishop George William Kasangaki of Masindi Kitara diocese. Also Omukama is the patron of the convention board.

The church leaders signed a declaration in which they made a commitment to ensure that God’s original plan and purpose for Bunyoro is fulfilled in the next 50 years.

“Bunyoro is covenanted to the Most High God as supreme ruler of the land. We commit ourselves to live according to the aspirations of the national motto For God and My Country; and the Bunyoro Kingdom motto, The Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom,” the church leaders declared.


King Iguru dedicates Bunyoro to God

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