I won’t hunt for guys

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Yvonne Tindimwebwa Koreta is one of the voices behind The Early Edition on 94.8 Vision Voice, from 6:00 to 10:00am, Monday to Friday.

Yvonne Tindimwebwa Koreta is one of the voices behind The Early Edition on 94.8 Vision Voice, from 6:00 to 10:00am, Monday to Friday. She co-hosts it with Sam Ouga. She talked to Pidson Kareire about her love life

What is your Valentine’s plot?
I am still torn between filling my face with pop corn as I watch a nice movie somewhere in a cinema and taking an elaborate treatment at the spa I read about in The New Vision.

No date? Are you single?
None that I know about and yes, I am single.

Why don’t you take the Valentine’s opportunity to hunt for a guy?
Not my idea of fun. However, I am open to any suggestion of a simple get-together, unrehearsed moment spent with a friend.

Have you ever got ssenga lessons?
My mother is my shwenkazi (ssenga), my best friend and hope. She tells me to research about my friends especially males. She says I should always talk to people and get to know them before building trust in them.

Have you?
Yes. Some men have bruised egos while most of them have zero self-control, but the good thing is that genuine ones can be generous.

What do you consider in a man?
Humility, honesty, confidence and passion. My man has to love children because I hope to have a basketball team. We must also share faith and he has to be my friend first.

Which men don’t you like?
Those who emotionally blackmail their partners

But most girls go for bad boys, don’t they?
Bad boys have confidence. They can say anything to any girl in a way that sparks off an almost instantaneous attraction. And most are humourous.

How does it feel being a daughter of an army general?
It is a humbling experience and it has its perks. However, not everyone will know you. One time a taxi conductor wanted to slap me but the self confidence in me talked him out of it. Dad always tells me never to be intimidated. However, my parents have drummed into us the notion that the name they made for themselves is not ours. They taught us to work hard for our future.

Doesn’t it limit your sphere of love?
I think of it as a kind of sieve that lets in some and shields me from others

Would you kill your man if you got him cheating on you?
I would be gutted but I not kill him. I would go far from the scene until I cool down to address the situation.

Aren’t you jealous?
Back in the day, I used to be – too much. but I have since learnt to let go! Jealousy is negative energy and is detrimental because it comes with insecurity, mistrust and nasty reactions.

Choose: wealth or physical appearance?
I would rather you add a third one. You see, anyone can accumulate wealth; a few men can come up with extra pretty faces but it is nothing without good behaviour and character.

I won’t hunt for guys

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