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Parliament to pass resolution on doctors'...

Doctors laid down their tools about three weeks ago, protesting low pay and poor working conditions.

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Uganda completes 21-day mandatory cycle for...

The health minister said Uganda has to complete another 21 days before it can be certain that the outbreak is completely under control.

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How come I was not given ARVs?

Your doctor wants you to first undergo adherence counseling and do baseline tests.

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FDC debate: Muntu defends term, as candidates...

Candidates talked about how they plan on leading the party to power, strengthening national unity, security among others.

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Sh23,000 far from women empowerment agenda...

Last week, the government announced that it had approved a total of sh468b Children Endowment fund.

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USE halts Kenya Airways trading as ownership...

The suspension of trading means shareholders of Kenya Airways cannot sell their shares.

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Oryem meets TROIKA representatives

The team endorsed the ongoing efforts by IGAD and praised Uganda’s peace initiative which aims at bringing South Sudan's warring parties to the negotiating...

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HIV transmission still high among key groups...

HIV prevalence remains highest among female sex workers at 31%, people with multiple partners (25%), people who use drugs (17%) and refugees (6.1%).

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Re-arrested Kaweesi murder suspect face terrorism...

They were bundled into a waiting vehicle on receiving bail.

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Target grassroot women, Microfinance institutions...

The Netherlands ambassador to Uganda said addressing gender inequality should be a key priority in all government policy agendas.


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South Africa minister advises on...

According to UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics, women account for less than 30% of the world’s researchers

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