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Around the world in pictures | The week that was


Added 6th July 2020 10:30 AM

A selection of news pictures from across the globe showing what people have been up to in the week of June 27 - July 3.

Around the world in pictures | The week that was

A selection of news pictures from across the globe showing what people have been up to in the week of June 27 - July 3.


Here is our pick of the best news pictures from the week of June 27 - July 3.


On June 26, Colombian Jefferson Riascos is embraced by Diana Paola Angola, who recovered from the new coronavirus, after asking her to marry him as health workers hold letters forming the sentence "Do you want to marry me?" at the Versalles Clinic in Cali, Colombia, as she is discharged. - The baby of the couple was delivered while Angola was under induced coma at the Intensive Care Unit.

Early the following day, this long-exposure picture shows a man smoking past buildings destroyed by prior bombardment in the town of Ariha in Syria's rebel-held northwestern Idlib province, as the Milky Way galaxy is seen in the night sky above.

Also on June 27, a relative digs the grave of a victim of COVID-19 during a protest at the site of a common grave 18 kilometers away from Iquitos, Peru, demanding authorities to exhume the bodies to give them proper burial away from the inhospitable grounds where over 1,200 victims were disposed in the past weeks.

On June 28, Samaritans stand praying on top of Mount Gerizim near the northern West Bank city of Nablus as they celebrate the Shavuot festival at dawn. Shavuot marks the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai seven weeks after the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt. The Samaritan religion is based on four principles of faith, one God - the God of Israel, one Prophet - Moses Ben Amram, the belief in the Torah - the first five books of the Bible and one holy place - Mount Gerizim.

The same day, this aerial view shot shows a protest against Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and in honour of the people who died of COVID-19 in which 1000 crosses were placed in front of the National Congress in Brasilia.

The following day, this boy plays in a rice paddy field during "National Paddy Day", which marks the start of the annual rice planting season, in Tokha village on the outskirts of Kathmandu on June 29, 2020. - Splashing mud and drinking local rice beer, Nepali farmers celebrated the day, with traditional farming songs and laughter echoing in the air as they waded into waterlogged fields to sow green paddy.

Also on June 29, a voter casts a ballot into a mobile ballot box during the early vote in a nationwide constitutional referendum that could extend President Vladimir Putin's term in the Kremlin, in Moscow. Eventually, a vast majority of Russians would go on to back the proposed constitutional reforms.

Elsewhere, on the same day, a guest inside a car waves to a bride and groom during a wedding ceremony implementing social distancing measures amid the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in Tangerang in Indonesia.

Still on June 29, rescue workers bring bodies of victims after a ferry capsized at the Sadarghat ferry terminal in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka. At least 30 people died and a dozen were missing after the ferry capsized and sank in Dhaka following a collision with another vessel, according to rescue officials.

On June 30, members of the 'Meltham and Meltham Mills Band' practise together for the first time since the government-imposed lockdown began in Worlow Quarry, above the village of Marsden, near Huddersfield, northern England.

The same day, Sudanese demonstrators gesture as they chant during a protest on Sixty street in the east of the capital Khartoum. Tens of thousands of Sudanese took to the streets in several cities and the capital calling for reforms and demanding justice for those killed in anti-government demonstrations that ousted president Omar al-Bashir last year. The protests went ahead with security forces deployed in force and despite a tight curfew since April designed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

A man smokes a pipe while wearing a face mask during a  demonstration in Nantes, western France, as part of a nationwide day of protests to demand better working conditions for health workers.

On the first day of July, this student of the Makkasan Phitthaya government primary school wears a face shield as he leaves the school canteen in Bangkok, Thailand, as schools reopened after being temporarily closed due to the threat of COVID-19.

Also on July 1, members of the Yanomami ethnic group are seen near a helicopter at a Special Border Platoon, where tests for COVID-19 are being carried out, in the indigenous land of Surucucu, in Alto Alegre, Roraima state, Brazil.

The same day, a  woman reacts after being hit with pepper spray deployed by police as they cleared a street with protesters rallying against a new national security law in Hong Kong, on the 23rd anniversary of the city's handover from Britain to China. A man found in possession of a Hong Kong independence flag became the first person to be arrested under Beijing's new national security law for the city, police said.

That very day, but in a different part of the world, members of a local electoral commission walk with a mobile ballot box in a yard as they visit voters at their homes during a nationwide vote on constitutional reforms in the far eastern city of Vladivostok in Russia.

The following day, protesters hold a portrait of Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas during a demonstration against Israel's West Bank annexation plans, in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.

Also on July 2, US President Donald trump takes a swing with a bat from Texas Timber before speaking at a Spirit of America showcase event to spotlight small businesses in the grand foyer of the White House, in Washington, DC.

The same day, a woman prays under the fingertips of the largest Buddha statue in Thailand, in Ang Thong province, north of Bangkok, as authorities reopened sites to tourists following lockdowns to halt the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

The same day, a COVID-19 patient remains at the Intensive Care Unit of the Alberto Sabogal Sologuren Hospital, in Lima.

And finally, on July 2, a municipal employee takes part in a fumigation operation against Aedes aegypti mosquito --the mosquito that can spread dengue fever-- in San Jose.

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