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TikTok appeal grows during lockdowns

And though teens have been posting on the platform for months, it seems adults with more free time are finally catching on.

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Internet overseers seek crackdown on coronavirus website...

Online criminals typically use deceptively named websites for phishing, spam or malware campaigns

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WhatsApp tightens sharing limits to curb virus misinformation...

The new policy applies to messages forwarded "many times" and marked with a double-arrow


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Coronavirus: East African gambling sales down 99%

An industry whose annual turnover is worth at least $20m in Kenya, $12m in Uganda and approaching $10m in Tanzania has been decimated....

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We are sorry for beating people - Police

The RPC said Police officers and other security operatives conducting the enforcement lack protective gear during the operations...

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Uganda records 4 more coronavirus cases

He says the efforts of identifying by temperature monitoring at the airport, quarantining the people on whom there's some suspicion...

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COVID-19: How prepared are countries to prevent the 2nd...

Uganda is showing signs of achieving the objectives of the measures, namely; stopping the further entry of the virus into the...

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New DR Congo Ebola case emerges just before epidemic's expected...

A health official said the patient reportedly died in hospital early Thursday, several days after falling ill with Ebola symptoms....

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Understanding the impact of Coronavirus

The global financial crisis was different from the corona pandemic because the latter, though has significantly affected the financial...

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US man arrested for beating up mom over toilet paper

The argument between Adrian Yan and his mother escalated and he punched her in the face, Miller said.

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Jesus takes the wheel at German Good Friday drive-in

Most worshippers followed the mass -- conducted on a small stage by a skeleton crew of Catholic and evangelical clergy -- from...

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Virus mars Easter holidays as death toll nears 100,000

Hundreds of millions of people around the world will spend the Easter holiday at home as lockdown measures intensify to combat...