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Twitter moves to curb hate speech based on religion

Tweets that break this rule sent before the update will need to be deleted, but will not result in account suspensions, according...

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Cyber attacks cost $45 bn in 2018 as ransomware hits hard...

The report suggested cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated in targeting their victims, but also noted many attacks could...

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Instagram moves on online bullying with pop-up warning

"It's our responsibility to create a safe environment on Instagram," said a statement from Adam Mosseri, head of the visually...


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Pastor confirmed with Ebola as disease spreads to Goma

The pastor could have touched the hands of worshippers "including the sick", the ministry said in a statement.

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Stroke survivors urged to embrace hands-on projects

Kwesiga, also urged survivors to embrace exercise as a form of therapy and to become stroke awareness advocates in their communities....

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Over 2000 babies born with clubfoot annually

With support from MiracleFeet, an international NGO at least 479 babies were treated before their first birthday from May 2018...

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Trade ministry refunds sh1b unspent pension

According to the ministry of trade permanent secretary, Grace Adong Choda, the funds in issue were remitted to the consolidated...

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Ugandans develop a fundraising social media platform

The application allows users to raise funds through fundraising for different issues and events from their friends, family and...

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Zuma tells graft probe he's a victim of conspiracy

"I have been vilified, alleged to be the king of corrupt people"

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Mother of Nigeria ex-national football coach kidnapped

Siasia's mother was earlier taken in 2015 and held for 13 days before a ransom was exchanged

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Ssekandi hails UPDF over pro-people welfare initiatives ...

Ssekandi commended the UPDF Armoured Brigade for working closely with the people in addressing their health issues

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WHO warns of too sugary baby foods

Up to 60 percent of inspected food products were labelled as suitable for infants under six months old, contrary to WHO recommendations...