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Uganda’s pioneers

In Uganda, it is not easy to find credible historical information. As a result, some of the information available is not accurate. Faustin Mugabe gives...

Government sets up cyber crime unit

The Government has set up a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), a specialised unit under the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to detect internet...

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Uganda’s Kaguri; the CNN Hero for 2012

In 2006, an 11-year-old boy walked 50km for three days after hearing over the radio about a free school that had been started in a distant village.

Uganda deploys air force to pursue militants...

The Uganda People’s Defence Air Force has for the first time sent a contingent of ace pilots to support the ongoing African Union (AU) peace operations...


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Prince William honors two Ugandan...

Prince William, who is also Duke of Cambridge, handed Obwona the Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award for his dedication as a ranger protecting the wildlife of Murchison Falls National Park.