Sports Opinions

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Political actors have killed Sports Club...

Villa was once the pride of Ugandan football

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Government must aide Franco’s burial

The boxer’s wish was to be buried in his ancestral home in Busia next to his relatives

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What if Mike Mutebi switched to Vipers

There is a reason why all the titles that KCCA has won in history have been won by either old boys of the club or founding members

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Uganda's structural tragedy

If you’re looking for a good reason Ugandan sport is still largely amateur, look no further than the failure of the government, parastatal or private sector...

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Lalam signals better times

All it takes is having well trained resident coaches. A few years ago this was not possible. It is a different story today when sports is well funded

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Villa and Express must decide which way to...

In pure football terms, any attempt to defend Villa and Express current standing in the Ugandan game would be misguided

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Mulindwa needs to take stock

Mulindwa has been understandably disillusioned by the season, threatening to dismiss the entire team after their 2-1 league defeat to Ndejje University...

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Why Cairo beats Port Gentil in AFCON

Ugandans better not entirely rely on their team bringing them joy in Egypt

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Former internationals cause is laudable but…...

The younger generation is now exposed and many are investing and planning while they are still relevant to the national team

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UWA Club leads by example

The government project continues dragging almost a decade after it was launched


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Justice at a price in Wakiso and...

Our undercover investigation has revealed how suspects pay to acquire justice in these courts.