Tuesday,September 25,2018 17:28 PM


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47 drivers register for season ending Oryx...

The conformation of all the top drivers has raised the stakes for the event

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MOSAC rally to aid needy schools

The event is the last round of the National Rally Championship

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Ashraf, Fitidis for MOSAC rally

The event is the last on the National Rally Championship (NRC) calendar and will determine the winner of this year’s NRC.

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Motocross backers urged to up their sponsorship...

Some sponsors made assurances of their commitment to increase sponsorship packages

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We will be back - Mugambwa

His car rolled during the race and damaged mirrors and the car’s radiator

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Final call for City Tyres-Pirelli promo

A ticket to watch the Formula 1 race at the Yas Marina costs between sh1m and sh1.7m

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Who will end Omar’s buggy dominance?

He has dominated the buggy championship for the last couple of years

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Fitidis comes third at African Rally Championships...

Fitidis, 65, is the third Ugandan to finish on the ARC Podium, others being Charles Muhangi, who won it in 1999 and Jas Mangat, who finished second in...

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Enduro motorcross goes to Kalangala

Enduro motocross and 4x4 challenge is where competitor’s pass in hard challenging and routes with so many obstacles, such as tree trunks, Ponds, mad, Rocks...

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Fitidis passes scrutineering test

The event starts on the Zambezi Ranching and Cropping Farm in Chisamba town and Fitidis has promised to be fast but cautious.


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Tanzania ferry disaster toll passes...

Although hopes are fading of finding any more survivors, workers rescue an engineer who managed to locate a pocket of air in the vessel.