Thursday,October 29,2020 17:37 PM


Beauty queen determined to promote local...

Miss Tourism Buganda, Barbara Nakiwolo, is determined to trigger domestic tourism, especially in central Buganda.

Model Moreno completes Rwenzori expedition...

Marlina Moreno and a group of 14 other climbers have completed a eight-day trek of The Rwenzori Mountains.

Moreno reaches Mt. Rwenzori summit - UWA...

American adventurer Marlina Moreno climbs up to the Margherita peak, the highest point of Rwenzori Mountain.

Model climbing Rwenzori doing well so far...

Three days on her way to the top of the Mountains of the Moon, American super Marlina Moreno is doing well.

Model starts 8-day Mt. Rwenzori expedition...

Model Marlina Moreno, who is visiting Uganda, starts an eight-day hike of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges.

Uganda hosts global tourism congress

Uganda is hosting the 39th World Congress of the Africa Travel Association (ATA), with over 300 regional and foreign delegates due to attend.

Tourism tops Uganda's foreign exchange earnings...

Uganda’s tourism has overtaken foreign remittances as the top foreign exchange earner, says the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Bunyoro region: A plateful of tourist attractions...

You may have been in Bunyoro for a tour or just to visit relatives, but have you explored all that there is to enjoy?

Game Park tourists increase by 17.5%

Visitor numbers to the protected areas has increased by 17.5%, the highest rise ever since the creation of UWA.

Kampala street chaos 'affecting tourism'...

Tourism minister, Maria Mutagamba, slams the chaos and anarchy on Kampala streets lately, saying it does not attract tourists to the country.


Kawempe neonatal ICU gets new equipment

Kawempe neonatal ICU gets new equipment

The health minister, Dr Ruth Aceng, urged health workers to use the new facilities to save the newborns.